Understanding environmental variability in space and time

My research interests connect aquatic ecology and quantitative ecology, with emphasis on impacts of human pressures on aquatic biota and ecosystem functioning. My research has been primarily focused on understanding the impacts of environmental perturbations on aquatic biota and ecosystem functioning, developing and using ecological indicators and assessing spatial priorities for management and conservation of fresh waters. I would like to apply quantitative frameworks that incorporates natural (biotic and abiotic) and anthropogenic factors as various processes are acting simultaneously at the landscape scale and should be considered togather in monitoring, management, restoration and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. I have worked on a wide range of focal organism groups from microbes to fishes, at different spatial (local, regional, national and continental) and temporal (decadal to centurial) scales.

I collaborate with researchers from around the world in research related to aquatic sceinces and other disciplines. Also, I have been advising undergraduate and graduate students on statistical analyses and other research topics.